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    Industrial Park Platform
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    Please note that this is a Beta Version of the SIPP which is still undergoing final testing. Should you encounter any problems, please write to us at this address sipp@unido.org. Click here
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About Us


Industrial Park Platform - IPP is a global knowledge platform that serves as a resource centre and reference point for industrial parks (special economic zones, eco-industrial parks, industrial districts, agro-parks, corridors, science and technology park, etc.). Our mission is to promote partnerships and cooperation; to connect experts and facilitate matchmaking; to enhance sharing of data, analysis, tools and best practices; to accelerate dialogue among various actors; to provide capacity-building training, thereby spurring industrialization through sustainable industrial park development while addressing the challenges of knowledge gaps.

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Facilitating partnerships, networking and collaboration


Accelerating dialogue and discussions


Providing training and capacity-building support


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Partner Directory

The SIPP Partner Directory is an information repository of institutions working for the advancement of industrial parks/zones.
It is designed to facilitate a harmonised, efficient and easy collaboration between industrial parks actors and stakeholders.​

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